What’s it all about?!

I never imagined myself as a ‘blogger’. I’m still not really sure what I’m doing.
…I bet I’ve convinced you to keep reading.

I guess the reality of life is that none of us ever really know what we’re doing. Does the caterpillar really know why he wrapped himself up in that cocoon? Did he know he would emerge as a beautiful butterfly?
The point is that, we are curious and brave creatures by nature. We go in head first because there’s some internal urge deeply embedded, driving us to do something, even if we have no viable way of determining the outcome.

And so it happened. I wrapped myself in a cocoon of sorts, and I have emerged as a blogger. Didn’t see that one coming!

So what’s it all about? Well in a sense, it’s about the need for an altered evolutionary path. A long time ago it seems that we humans lost a very important connection; our connection with the environment. We no longer know how to care for it or live sustainably and harmoniously with nature. The equilibrium has been lost. Our evolutionary path has gone “off the rails”. We’re addicted to a Capitalist, consumeristic, wasteful, single-use, throw-it-out, get-a-new-one, polluting way of life. We need rehab.

Many people have resigned to and accepted a grim fate, or have decided that “there’s no way “they” can let all these bad things happen to the environment”. They? They being people of power, knowledge and importance? They being the politicians who are still stuck in a Capitalist rut, getting all buddy-buddy with the fossil fuel industry? Hmmm…

So you see, we are not exempt from acknowledging our environmental issues and assuming responsibility. But what on Earth am I supposed to do about it?!

And so the journey begins. This blog will be largely about introducing people to environmental issues they may or may not be aware of and what they can do to help our sweet little Earth. I’ve experienced the struggle for several years now of wanting to take action towards environmental issues but not knowing how. This is a relatively new realm for me too (especially the political side of things) and I’m up for a major learning curve. But hey! Let’s figure it out together. Let’s realise that we may change our minds about certain issues, and that we have something to learn from everyone. That’s what growing and evolving is about.

On a final note… Sometimes it’s really hard to not sound like a tree-hugging hippy when writing about this stuff, so I apologise in advance. This is about science, reason, learning, evolving, empowering, and reconnecting with the Earth that supports all our lives. Happy reading!


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