About the blog…

We are aware that the environment is in strife. Climate change, extreme weather events, sea level rise, pollution, waste, rubbish, landfill, species extinctions… we’ve heard it all. Many of us wish we could do something about it but have no idea where to begin. The information can be tedious to source, there’s alway two or more sides to the argument, and politics can be an absolute headache and let down. Quite naturally we shy away and hope that someone else will assume responsibility for such issues. The fact is, it’s not a one-man or one-woman job, and we really can’t afford to delay action any longer.

What I aim to do with this blog is present important environmental issues and provide people with a means to take action towards dealing with these issues. This is a place to discuss, a place to learn, a place to evolve, and a place to empower grassroots action.

Highly recommended…

Take2 Рso many great tips and facts on simple actions you can take to make a difference. Also partnered with the Victorian State Government so a great thing to support to show our politicians what we really care about!

War On Waste Р3 episodes of mind-blowing information about the wasteful lifestyles so many of us lead and the real consequences of them. Above anything, incredibly useful, informative, inspiring and life-changing!


About the girl behind the blog…

My name is Bianca Berto, I’m 22 years old and based in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne isn’t the place for me. I’m here for the sake of uni. I grew up in a country town a few hours out of Melbourne and I spent many months (maybe even years) of my life road tripping and camping around Australia with my family. This is where my affinity and love for the incredible natural world was established.

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(Some snaps of stunning outback Australia from some of the many aforementioned road trips).

It was all too easy to become detached from environmental issues living in an off-the-grid house on 20 acres of bush… in Melbourne, I am a lost soul. Why are people swimming in chlorinated swimming pools instead of dams? Why does it cost me so much to keep my horse in a tiny paddock a 30+ minute drive from me when it used to cost me nothing to have her free-range on the 20 acres at my back door? Why do I have to pay for parking? Since when do people wear shoes to the supermarket? Anyway…

I’m finishing the final year of a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Wildlife and Conservation Biology, going on to do honours next year. I am a qualified veterinary nurse, and work at a small private practice. I’m starting to get into wildlife care, and as you may have figured I have a beautiful horse. I also have a dog and two cats… Slinky Malinky loves helping me write my blogs. I love all things nature. Animals, plants, a good veggie patch, dirt… Okay, okay. So maybe I am a bit of a ‘hippy’. And if you still haven’t made your mind up about me, well here’s your decision-maker… I’m vegan. There, I said it.

The animals… Left side is Elly, my beautiful horse. Middle is my
rescue pooch Zeppa, and right is Slinky Malinky caught in action
‘helping’ me study.

What else? Well in my past life (about 5 years ago), I used to play in a blues rock band. I was the singer/songwriter/guitarist. We did pretty well for a bunch of 17-year-old high school kids. I still play a little. The creative-scientific equilibrium is essential for me.

17-years-old a rock chick. 22-years-old a science chick…


How the blog came to be…

One of the subjects I had to take for my course was titled International Politics of Climate Change. Each week I had to read over several journal articles and write a blog post. While I became deeply involved in the subject material, I also realised a big problem. A problem with communication between the public and the politics that make or break our environment. Going into the subject, I always thought that “they” (i.e. politicians and people who know what’s going on) will do something to fix our environmental problems. I soon came to realise that I no longer felt I could put my trust in “they”. I realised that if I want to see positive change in the way we coexist with our environment, I had to do something… but I didn’t want all my research and understanding to go to waste. I wanted it to be available to other people too! The more we talk, share, read and listen, the better chance we have of taking action and making a difference.
…And so the blog came to be.